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To whomever it may concern
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To Whomever it may concern.. If you are reading this sometime in the future.. As you look back through old newspapers trying to understand how things were in America back in the year 2016.. Here is a quick summary of how things are here in our country now..


If the world stands for another one hundred years will people look back and wonder about the attitude of America in the year 2016.. Please allow me to sum it up for anyone who might be able to read my words in some later year..


We as a country are all excited about our ball teams.. And more and more with each passing year.. Our teams which were created for the fun of the youngsters are becoming the religion of their parents and grandparents.. Even to the point of forsaking church to follow their games..


College ball is alive and well.. Our folks are all excited again for their favorite team.. And along with pro ball it has become a big money thing.. And dominates the weekends while church continues to decline..


The election is big news again this year.. And it looks like another close race for president between Clinton and Trump.. I don't think I have ever seen more fervent followers for both sides..


But there is much less excitement for Jesus Christ.. If he was in the race he would probably come in third.. Although I know that here is still much quiet support for His Name.. But he really doesn't need us.. because he is still the Son Of God..


Here in 2016 people are very confused.. What is marriage anyway.. People don't seem to know any more if men marry men or women, and if women should marry a man or another woman... In fact many people don't seem to be able to tell if they are a male or a female..


This should be obvious, but still the whole country seems confused about it..


Same thing concerning sin.. The Bible has been abandoned for the most part and people seem to make their own decisions about what sin is..


There is a huge debate here in 2016 about whose lives matter.. Somehow we aren't able to separate the life from the soul.. And see that every soul matters because the eternal soul is from God while our earthly life passes and is soon gone..


Our life is whatever we choose to make it while our soul is eternal.. So to sum it up if you are reading this sometime in the future and wondering about 2016.. That's about the size of things here in 2016...


Many of us are upset and troubled and depending on God to get us through troubled times.. And it sure does look like bad trouble could break out in our country soon..


But the vast majority seem to be eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage as if everything is in great shape..


Our country and probably most of our people are in debt head over heels and wondering where the money for the next payment is coming from..


So if you are reading this a lot later than I have written it.. That's about the way it looks to me, and So..


Here I Stand.