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We are drifting too far from the shore
How Things Look From Where I Stand
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John 9:4: "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work."


The words of Jesus should apply to Christians in these last days. There are still many Christians in America but sad and with a hurting heart. I can no longer refer to the United States as a Christian nation in good conscious.


Some might call me a prophet of doom, but I cannot help what I see. Am I the only one? No, far from it. Many others are seeing it as well. Christian, whatever it is God is leading you to do, you better be getting it done, praise God. For right now I can still say that a great door is open for his work.


Preach, teach, testify, witness, and gather in the last of the harvest.


But I have missed some things in my younger years that I am seeing now. I never thought that our own government would be so deeply involved in attempting to turn off the light in America, nor was I even remotely aware of what the final big issues would be. I could see that sodomy would be a continuing problem in America. But I was blind to the fact that it would be so widely accepted, promoted and approved of. I could not see forty years ago that we would kill our own babies. And neither could I understand in days gone by that Islam would become such a huge threat as it is becoming to our way of life. But here all those issues have come storming to the front as triple. Evils used of the devil to pull our nation under the sea of unbelief.. I see what I see and say what I believe God wants me to say. America. Those of us who really love you will weep for you as we remember your greatness.