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We deserve what we get

I must say that I was dreading this week. I just came back from the Republican convention, but attending the Democrat convention would be like spending four days at the DMV, so I came home instead. I had planned not to even watch the goings-on in Philly, but then manna dropped from heaven.


Wikileaks hacked into the DNC and provided enough talk show material for a month. Here’s just a sample. Hillary supporters infiltrating the Bernie Sanders campaign. DNC members going to Morning Joe’s boss on BSNBC about programming content. A Politico writer getting his story vetted by the DNC before sending it to his editor. Conspiring to plant a mole inside a Sanders event in Kentucky or West Virginia to ask him about his religion. Oh, and my favorite, a DNC member killing horses for insurance money.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, says there are other hacked e-mails to come that have to do with the Clinton Foundation. He tells ITV the next release will "provide enough evidence" to lock Hillary up.


This I have to see.


It’s like a train wreck in Philly. Debbie What’s-her-name Schultz is forced to resign as the presiding chairman of the convention, and who do they get to replace her? Some woman named Fudge! After all the lying that’s gone on at the DNC, they now have Chairman Fudge! This is too good.


The BernMe folks should be livid. I can’t imagine supporting a machine that purposely set out to destroy my candidate. But Democrats have a history of rallying around each other when the weather gets tough. We’ll have to see if Hillary can hold the party together.


The Republicans put on a nearly flawless convention. Sure, there was the dust-up early in the week with the roll call vote that no one could really figure out what it was all about. Yeah, there was that Ted Cruz speech, but Ted Cruz did far more damage to himself than Trump. In fact, I think that speech helped unify the party. Many Cruz people finally abandoned him for Trump.


And the Trump kids? Even if you don’t care for Trump you have to give it to him as a father. Yes, I know Ivana and Marla had something to do with their upbringing but still. Compare and contrast these kids to other rich kids like, say, Paris Hilton or the Kardashians. Man! It’s like Camelot all over again. Admittedly, Trump’s no JFK, but these kids blow the Kennedy kids out of the water. That’s what will appeal to women voters. Not just the glamor, but the underlying sense that if Trump can produce that many exemplary kids he can’t be all bad.


Meanwhile, back at the DNC.


The theme of the week seems to be Black Lives Matter. The theme of the RNC was Blue Lives Matter. The RNC featured cops and military members. The DNC features the parents of thugs who try to steal a cop’s gun and get shot in the process. What a contrast.


The DNC is all about victims and thuggery. The RNC was all about safety and security.


It’s Trump’s to lose. The stars are aligning in a way that all he has to do is not get in his own way, which he’s prone to do.


And, if Julian Assange is right, the Democrats may be HQing their presidential campaign from jail. I don’t think the American people are stupid enough to elect a criminal. If so, we deserve what we get.