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What are you concerned about?
From Where I Stand
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Many people are concerned that a giant earthquake will someday cause California to experience great destruction.


Others say.. No.. it is the fault line down through Missouri and West Tennessee that will experience a great earthquake.. in the near future.. perhaps one or even both I would say I sure don't know..


Some are much more concerned about climate change.. warming or cooling depending on which way the wind is blowing on different days. Perhaps.. I don't really know..


Sometimes we worry about Isis, and other days we are more concerned with Russia..


A new disease sweeping across America.. it has happened before.. I suppose it could happen again..


Could it be famine in the land.. many things are possible I know..


National debt.. Political corruption.. Nuclear war.. I surely pray not that..


But what is it that concerns me most of all? That God may take his hand of protection and blessing off our great country..


For this concern I pray.. Please not that God, Revive our land and start with me..




And So Here I Stand..