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From Where I Stand
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Many in America, and even some in our area, have decided they don't want whatever it is that Christians "are selling."


Please allow me to speak to that for just a minute.. True Christians are not trying to "sell" you anything.. They are trying to "tell" you the story of Jesus Christ and the love God has for you...


But while we are on the subject.. What you had better understand and be very afraid of is what radical Islam is trying to "sell" you..


They are asking you to buy into their beliefs and culture, best described in Sharia Law and the Koran.. It includes, YOUR murder, rape, torture, theft of property, abuse and slavery..


Those are what they want to introduce you too, with them as the masters and you as the slaves..


If you don't want to "buy" what the Christians are selling, then prepare yourself to pay the ultimate price as you "buy" into radical Islam..


Many are just trying to remain neutral.. They aren't interested in becoming Christians, but on the other hand, they don't want to identify themselves as being an atheist, and certainly not a radical follower of Islam, so they wish to remain undeclared and undecided in the great struggle coming to the United States..


Sorry.. That won't work forever for you.. The time will come when there is no place to hide..


It is time for those who once attended church and stood with the Christians to get back to their roots..


It is time for those trying to remain hidden in the shadows to step out into the sunlight and take their stand as both Christians and Americans..




And So Here I Stand..