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What in the world is wrong?
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Now let me see if I have this straight.. if you are a Muslim and refuse to drive a beer truck you can sue the company that fired you for refusing to deliver the beer and get a huge settlement in money because they fired you..


But if you are a Christian and refuse to bake a wedding cake for a same sex wedding or a florist and refuse to furnish flowers you can get in really bad trouble for refusing to do so.. or if you are a Christian county court clerk in Kentucky you can end up in jail for refusing to issue a marriage license..


Now surely this can't be true..


But sad to say that seems to be the case right here in the United States.. is the Islamic religion somehow now a preferred religion right here in what was once called a Christian nation?


Surely in the seventh grade social studies class Islam doesn't have five pages promoting the Islamic religion, including the five pillars of faith, while the Christian faith has a scant half page devoted to it..


No, this couldn't be true here in America..


Is this really true? Well it seems to be exactly that way from all we can find out.. Something is rotten in our country and stinks with a terrible odor..


Time to stand up and be counted.. You do what you think you should do.. For my little small part.. I am going to write the truth in the newspaper and if my writing is false, help me understand where the falsehood is and I will correct myself..


I will preach the truth in the pulpits where I am allowed to preach, and speak up as I have opportunity..


And when time comes to vote, I will remember where our politicians stood on these issues, regardless of their "party."


It is time for Christians and all God fearing people to stand up.. or else sign our country over to Islam and let them have it..


Now, many people talk a good talk but who will actually stand up and be counted.. Am I just a rabble rouser preacher? Perhaps so, if that is what you choose to label me as..


But I know what I believe and so right here I shall stand. Who stands with me?


But more importantly.. Who stands with Jesus?