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What kind of problem do we really have?
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America are we ever going to wake up? Our problem is not with guns, but our problem is with hearts directed in directions other than toward Jesus Christ..


You have very little to fear from a man whose heart is directed toward Jesus.. But a man with his heart directed in some other direction in his hope for salvation will do to be watched..


Those connected with radical Islam are an absolute threat to both your freedom and your life.. I have heard more than enough of the proclamation of how peaceful the Islamic faith really is..


If Islam is a kind, peaceful religion which only goes about doing good.. Then it is high time those who lead that religion in America came out in broad open daylight and proclaim loudly and clearly for all the world to hear that the mass murder of American citizens is wrong, ungodly and in direct violation of their own faith.. and must be stopped..


Yes, there may have been a very limited handful of Islamic leaders who have made such a proclamation but very few if any... Just how many of them have you heard go on National television and call for the radicals among them to be called into account for such dastardly deeds..


Christian leaders are often heard in our pulpits, on television and throughout our land proclaiming the evils of such ungodliness when committed by those claiming to be Christians or by people of any faith..


If radical, militant, Islam is not the normal for that religion then Islamic leadership should lead the charge to get their on faith cleaned up. I would think that this latest incident in Orlando would cause something of a quandary for those among us who try to defend both the gay rights movement and the Islamic movement in America at the same time..


Since these two groups must surely find it difficult to coexist even in a politically correct world.. As for me. I think I will cling to both my gun and my Bible..




And so here I stand..