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Which way shall we turn?
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The more I listen to the news and the more I hear from our political candidates, the more I understand that there is no hope there, and that our only source of help is Jesus Christ..


We have become a nation that looks to man for deliverance.. to science for our answers.. to slick politicians for guidance and to the news media for our wisdom.. These are the ways of the fool and the more we go in these ways the more foolish we become ...


When will we turn back to God.. Or will our nation ever turn back to God again.. How we need revival and spiritual awakening in America..


Our churches play more than they pray, as more people seek out churches that present entertainment, rather than places of worship.. America may have already gone too far down the river of no return.. Places where men once gathered to worship God.. are now used for presentations of entertainment.. Where sinners once knelt for private searches ... now are places of public spectacles.


Many pulpits that once rang with powerful preaching are now places of pitiful platitudes.. Let us turn to God in one last desperate attempt to see the salvation of our once great nation..


When Christians become heartbroken.. When prayer meetings become filled with troubled believers.. Altars become filled with weeping Christians, and true houses of Worship become the center of our communities again.. then.. will there be hope for America again..


Revive us again our Lord.. I pray that revival starts in the pulpits of America where it is most needed.. spreads through the front of the church building back through the congregations out through the doors into the streets until there is heard in America the sound of weeping seekers turning to God in repentance and Faith.. Until then I greatly fear that we are a doomed nation.. and our fall is soon at hand..


And So Here I Stand.