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While We Watch and Wait
From Where I Stand
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Fifty years ago, when I was a new Christian, the church was watching and waiting for the coming of Jesus, and still it waits.


But things are very different now... Back then the church walked and worked as it watched and waited.. Perhaps the worst sin of the modern church.. It now sits, watches and waits..


Time to take up our cross and walk after Him.. Most churches and church people invest very little actual time and effort in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, even as we see the destruction caused by false religion..


If we can do it by sending a little money we are all for it..


I really don't believe it is because people are more lazy now than in years gone by.. I really believe it is because we are so preoccupied with other things..


We are ball crazy, camping wild, beauty contest occupied, hobby silly concert stupid, pornography sick, money hungry..... But we Christians sure can't be accused of being religious zealots.. In due time Jesus will come back for his Church..


But in the meantime...


Get your mind off your politics.. Get your Bottom off the couch... And get your life centered on Jesus Christ, and work and walk as you wait..


I realize that everybody is not going to appreciate the things I say.. But I say them anyway, and as I preach to others I often feel the sting, because I am often guilty as well.


And so here I stand..