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Winning big at the worst stadium in high school football
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The wait is over, DeKalb County football fans, and despite published accusations from Warren County that we have “arguably the worst stadium in high school football,” that Vanhooser Memorial “looks like someone decided to slap two sets of bleachers in the middle of a flat field and call it good,” and that “unlike DeKalb County, we have a stadium that seats more than 35,” the Tigers shredded Warren County on their way to a 50-0 victory to begin the 50th year of Tiger football.It may put things in perspective to know that the same clever pundit who finds the Tiger facilities so loathsome also predicted a Warren County win Friday night.I would venture to guess that Dr. John L. Vanhooser would have been proud of the young men who played on the field bearing his name Friday evening, because it’s not an easy thing to pass out a 50-0 beating on such sub-standard grass with the grace and composure the Tigers displayed.Admittedly, Vanhooser Stadium has been standing for nearly as long as Tiger football has been in existence.It is not the most opulent facility in the state, and may lack the seating capacity of Neyland Stadium, but not one of the 35 DeKalb County fans in attendance went home unhappy after the season opener.It will be interesting to see if the Pioneer program can fill more than 35 seats by the time the season ends.Maybe they can lease some of the empties to the Tigers.I have a feeling we’ll need them.