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A girls wish leads to saddle club reopening
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Karley Knowles feels the freedom of mobility and equality when she is in the saddle. It was her wish that led to the reopening of the Pine Creek Saddle Club.
The Pine Creek Saddle Club is on its way to reopening, giving those in DeKalb County who love horses and equestrian sports a local arena once again. The saddle club had been shut down for several years, but will reopen all because of the wish of one disabled girl, and the help of a local non-profit.Jonathon Willoughby, the new president of Pine Creek Saddle Club, told the Review that the reformation of the saddle club came about because of Karley Knowles at B&B Saddle Up Farms. "Karley asked Debbie Ball [of B&B Saddle Up] to see about getting it started back up.