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All- Star teams announced
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Members of the 9-10 year old Machine Pitch All-Stars are, far back Coach Michael Young. Back row from left, is Eli Cantrell, Levi Cantrell, aven Ponder, Cody Antoniak, Noah Roberts Jordan Crook and Connor Vaughn. Front row from left, Joey Burgess, Jasper Kleparek, Jordan Young and Avery Smith. Not pictured are Luke Jenkins and Garrett Driver.
On Saturday afternoon Little League President Jonathan Norris presented teams with individual awards and announced the All-Star teams for each group.Coaching the Machine Pitch 9-10-year-old is Michael Young. His team will consist of Eli Cantrell, Levi Cantrell, Caven Ponder, Garrett Driver, Luke Jenkins, Jordan Young, Jasper Kleparek, Cody Antoniak, Noah Roberts, Connor Vaughn, Joey Burgess and Avery South.Coaching the 9-10-year-old Kid Pitch is Jimmy Sparks. His team will consist of Kobie Snipes, Braxton Hutchings, Triston Stanley, Nixon Murphy, Chantz Bowling, Justin Washer, Connor Rice, Daniel Puckett, Skyler Sparks, Dallas Crook, Jayden Young and Joey Brugess.Coaching the 7-8-year-olds will be Tony Trapp and his team will be Patrick Cantrell, Levi Driver, J.J. Pack, Kobbe Clary, Axel Aldino, Isaac Knowles, Evan Sprauge, Gage Trapp Josh Moon, David Judkins and Jason Willoughby.Coaching the 11 and under is Mike Redmon.