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Bain signs to play football for Cumberland
Bain and his father Shawn (front row) joined the DCHS football staff in signing to Cumberland University Friday.


DCHS senior Devin Bain joined his fellow college-bound Tiger players Friday when he signed on to play football at Cumberland University in Lebanon.


Bain, a Tiger defensive lineman, said that he thinks Cumberland is a good fit for him.


“I am planning on majoring in nursing and this is one of the best nursing schools around,” he shared at the signing. “It’s really close to home, and I like being close to family and friends. I still get to play football so that’s the best choice for me.”


Bain thanked his coaches for all their help as well.


“DeKalb County High School for me has been nothing but absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed all three years that I’ve been here. I can’t ask for a better coaching staff. I want to thank Coach Trapp for all of his support and all the things he has taught me all these years. I also want to thank all my friends and family for all their support,” he said.


Tiger Head Coach Steve Trapp said that Bain is a talented player, and should do well at Cumberland with a little elbow grease.


“Devin was a good football player for us,” Trapp said. “He was here as a freshman and sophomore but then moved out of state for his junior year. We were really fortunate for him to come back his senior year and be part of our program. He is a talented guy and I am proud of him and for him to have the opportunity to continue to play. He does have to understand that he is starting all over. He’ll be at the bottom and will have to work his way up but I feel like he can do that and do a good job.


“I think he will be a defensive lineman at Cumberland. He is a bigger guy but he can move very well. He played some offensive guard for us and started a couple of games with injuries when we had injuries. But mostly he was a defensive lineman for us. When he moved away and played a year in Virginia he was a fullback so he can move for a bigger guy but they like those defensive linemen who are a little bit shorter who can create leverage and also move around pretty good. Devin fits that mode very well.