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Baseball Tigers win four-in-a-row
Steven Howell.jpg
Steven Howell makes it to first
DeKalb County Tigers beat out Livingston Academy on April 4, 13-5. Cody Puckett pitched seven innings with 12 strike outs, 5 hits, 5 runs (4 earned), 3 walks, 2 hit batters. Destry Wiggins hit for two singles, two doubles and one RBI, Matt Giles hit one single and one RBI, Shane Salley hit for two singles and two RBI’s, Tyler Kent hit one single, Tyler Caldwell hit for two singles, a SAC Fly and two RBI’s, Cody Puckett hit for one double and a RBI, Andrew Atnip hit two singles and a RBI, Hunter Graham hit for two doubles and a RBI, and Stephen Howell hit a double and two RBI’s.