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Big scorers in DeKalb Youth Soccer
05sports soccer
Players going after the ball last Saturday during DeKalb Youth Soccer League play.
The DeKalb Youth Soccer League played another round of games recently and has released the names of several players who came away with goals. Those who scored during the games on Oct. 26 were Landon Tuldos (2), Hayden Merriman, Johnathon Valderay (3), Martin Coronado (3), Brady Matias, Jackson Mathis (2), Larissa Mooneyhan, William Blair, Adan Ramirez (2), Ashton Campbell, Mario Matias, Brayden Summers, Kevin Soto, Jackson Farrar (2), Marcus Brazelton, Michael Kohler, Jack Famulski, Parker Gassaway, Alec Reynolds, Sophie Hackett, Eric Quezada, Isaiah Loftis (3), Micah Merriman (2), Roberto Mata (2), Jared Marlar, Cody Curtis, Dylan Easterwood, Michael Coronado, Cristabol Flores (3), Corey Ferrell, Gavin Carter, and Bruno Ramirez. As always, the league reminds parents and players that soccer is a team sport, and each score is usually proceeded by uncounted passes, challenges, and generally a great deal of effort by the entire team.The league congratulates every player on playing hard, being safe, and hopefully having fun.