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Border battle rivalry continues to evolve
A fierce rivalry on the gridiron between the Tigers and Pioneers has rarely produced anger off the field. The 2010 captains are shown in pregame greeting each other. Friday is the 13th straight year DeKalb County and Warren County will meet and each have won six games in the series.
To hear it told now, the beginning of a heated border battle between Warren County and DeKalb County boiled down to two issues: money and losing streaks. Promises of standing-room only crowds and sold-out concession stands intrigued both schools. One team grabbing a victory - the programs combined for nine wins from 2001-2004 - was a great motivator as well."When we looked at adding DeKalb County, we were on the longest losing streak in school history," recalls former Warren County coach Chris Madewell, who led the Pioneers from 2004-09.