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Co-ed softball in full swing
Lots of action at Bill Page Ball Park
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EMILY ROBINSON - photo by Photo by Angie Meadows
The 2011 softball season began recently at Bill Page Ball Park in Smithville, with co-ed play for the first time in the leagues’ history.Bennett’s Logging gave the K&M Jewelry squad a 16-2 thrashing in Baby Doll competition to open the season on May 23.The Bennett logging crew score five runs in the first inning, eight runs in the second, and three in the third to clinch the victory.K&M put two across the plate in the second.Contributing to Bennett Logging’s offensive effort, left-fielder Haley Carroll led the first inning off with a single, shortstop Joni Robinson and first-baseman Alexis Bly got to first on errors, and second-baseman Amelia Patton took a base on balls.In the second inning, Alvia Fuson led off with a single, then she, Jamie Butcher and Skylar Fuson went all the way home on a series of errors, slammed an inside the park homer.Back at the top of the batting order, Haley Carroll and Joni Robinson got to first on errors, and Alexis Bly took them both across the plate with a home run.Amelia Patton took her second walk of the match, and Jada Butcher was sent to first on balls as well.Meanwhile, Jade Butcher got on base on a fielders choice, and Kaitlin Blair went to first on an error.Alvia Fuson dropped in a single to start off the third inning. More errors put Jamie Butcher and Skylar Fuson on base, and coming back to the top of the order, Haley Carroll cleared the bases with a home run.Not to be outdone, Joni Robinson Hammered a homer of her own, and Alexis bly went around the bases on errors to round out the Bennett logging score card.For the K&M Jewelry offense, Kaylee Whitehead blasted a double, and Maddie Cook and Austin Agee put in a single each, resulting in a trip across the plate for both players.Ellie Cripps, Keirstine Robinson and Allie Lasser took walks to first base.Liberty State Bank edged DeKalb Community Bank out by a score of 3-0 in the Junior Dolls season opener.LSB scored two runs in the fifth inning and one in the fourth to clinch the win.Offensively for the DCB team, Hannah Walker and Reagan Patton both hit singles.Brady Bates, Colby Bates, Micheal Caplinger and Julianne Richards all hit singles for the LSB batting effort.Lexi Bates hit a double, Jen Caplinger blasted a triple and a single, and Kelsey Hedge hammered two home runs to help finish off DCB.In then opening match of the Senior Dolls’ division, A-Plus Heating and Cooling slipped by Webb House in a 12-11 game.Katie Hall, Kristina Stevens, Braxton Howell, Lauren Adcock, Jacob Williams, Lauren Colwell, Johnna Roller, Katelyn Walz and Dakota Waggoner all contributed hits to the A-Plus effort.Meanwhile, Tyler Monette, Josie Culwell, Martha Webb, Hannah Green, Billy Tiner, Taylor Monette, Stephanie Rackley, Alli Emme, Shauna Taylor, Robert Davidson and Kaylee Stanley all put hits on the book for Webb House.In Baby Doll action on May 31, Turners Auto Parts put a 15-1 smackdown on Bennett Logging, scoring three runs in the first inning, six in the second, three in the third, and three more runs in the fourth.Kessie Robinson scored the lone Bennett logging run late in the third inning of the game.Molly Hall crossed the plate four times for TAP, Madison Whitehead scored three times, Braya Murphy and Kelly Roberts were responsible for two runs each, and Elisah Hensley, Madison Rackley, Ali Beshearse and Kendra Whitehead each scored a run.The Junior Doll game that night saw Cleveland Bain Framing fall to DCB by a score of 12-5.Santanna Ferrell and Allison Maynard both took a base-on-balls and scored once each for the CBF offense, and Lenzi Dickens, Erin Burchfeild, and Bella Johnson all went acroos the plate once.On offense for DCB, Jon Walls, Reagan Patton, and Carrie Carroll scored a run each, Breanne Keolnhofer, Caleb Gant and Hannah Walker all crossed the plate twice, Kaitlin Roller scored three times.On the same night, A-plus blew Day Star Carpentry out mof the water in a 14-1 rout in the Senior Doll division.Skylar Ritchie and Brittany Nokes put in singles for DSC, with Courtney Bunch scoring the team’s lone run after reaching first on an error.At bat for A-plus, Morgan Page hit two singles and scored twice. Katie Hall scored twice as well, as did Jade Butcher and Jacob Williams.Lauren Adcock took three trips across the plate for A-plus, while Braxton Howell, Lauren Colwell, and Johnna Roller scored once each.