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DeKalb All-Stars fall to Hartsville
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DeKalb All-Star Jathan Willoughby grits his teeth as he rips a ball into the outfield good for a double.
The DeKalb County All Stars for Coach Pitch saw action last Saturday night when they took on the Hartsville All Stars. Hartsville, the defending state champions, clobbered DeKalb, outscoring them 15-5.In the top of the first, DeKalb only managed a single hit, coming off the bat of Jathan Willoughby with a single.In the bottom of the first, Hartsville toppled DeKalb with the maximum amount of runs allowed in a single inning with five. In the top of the second, Hartsville would again shut down DeKalb, only allowing one hit coming from Levi Driver with a single down the third baseline.In the bottom of the second, Hartsville had runners on second and third.