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Harlem Wizards Coming to Smithville
Harlem Wizards
Harlem Wizards

The world-famous Harlem Wizards will visit DeKalb Middle School on Thursday, February 29, at 6 p.m. for an evening of great fun and fundraising. The Wizards will play a game against a team of DeKalb County School teachers, principals, SROs, and community leaders. The event is a fundraiser for DeKalb Middle School.

The energy at a Wizards game is electric. The laughter is infectious. The dunks are rim-rattling, high-flying and awe-inspiring. The hoop artistry, ball-handling, tricks and teamwork are mesmerizing.

What really takes it to another level is the hometown participation from the kids on court experiences, to the teachers, principals and other community leaders who take on the Wizards as the “hometown heroes”. Besides cheering for their teachers, the kids are involved all night long. They will all have a chance to get on the court!

Pre-game, any child or teen with a Wizards jersey can warm-up with the Wizards! Throughout the game audience members will be asked to volunteer in different contests and acts. And the end of night final moments includes an invitation to all students to come onto the court for a dance celebration with the Wizards.

The experience at a Wizards game is the community, the school coming together for a night of good, pure fun and excitement and it’s a fundraiser.

The event will feature a variety of fun interactive extras to complement the Wizards' dazzling demonstration of hoops artistry: Pregame "Wiz Kids" warm-up, contests, comedy, awesome slam dunks, audience participation, merchandise giveaways, and more. The game will conclude with the Wizards' signature dance celebration that will have the parents on their feet and the kids moving to the beat 

"We are thrilled to host the Wizards again," says Suzette Barnes, DeKalb Middle School teacher and event organizer. We hosted our last event in 2015 and the game was a huge success, and we look forward to more Wizards' magic!"

Founded in 1962, the Wizards have played over 15,000 games throughout the US that have raised over $25 million for schools and charitable causes. The Wizards have also played in over 25 foreign countries on six continents.

Tickets are priced as follows:

·         Student Admission $12

·         General Admission $14

·         Reserved $20

·         Courtside Plus $35

·         Courtside Player $110

Courtside Plus ticket holders receive first row seating and meet privately with some of the Wizard players before the game for a meet-and-greet.

To purchase tickets, and for more information, visit or 

The home team players will be thrilled to play in front of family, friends, and fans, and spectators will delight in seeing their beloved teachers, principals, and community leaders run the court. Come out and cheer - you will not want to miss this fantastic experience that will benefit our most precious resource: The kids!

About the Harlem Wizards:  Howie Davis was a larger-than-life entrepreneur, impresario, promoter, and visionary whose passion for sports, entertainment, and philanthropy culminated with his creation of the Harlem Wizards in 1962.

The idea for the Wizards started in 1959, when legendary basketball showman Goose Tatum approached Howie to organize a tour for Goose's "Harlem Stars." The Stars had a short but successful run that opened Howie's eyes to the enormous potential of "show" basketball. Three years later, Howie launched the Wizards.

Under Howie's leadership, the Wizards grew into a choice basketball destination for some of America's best basketball talent. As the team's reputation spread, professional athletes from across the sports spectrum took notice and joined the Wizards' roadshow:

·         Connie Hawkins, one of the top 50 NBA players of all time

·         Nate "Tiny" Archibald, a member of the NBA Hall of Fame

·         Elvin Hayes, one of the top 50 NBA players of all time

·         Hawthorne Wingo, a New York Knicks fan favorite

·         Mario Elie, a three-time NBA champion

·         Nancy Lieberman, a WNBA star and Hall of Fame member

NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, World Series MVP Donn Clendennon, and Harlem Globetrotter superstar Marques Haynes also played for the Wizards.

Tojo Henderson a Wizards great holds the world record for career span in professional basketball. He started in 1965 and retired 50 years later in 2015. He still serves in a promotional capacity with the Wizards.

Howie was a champion of racial equality, and viewed the Wizards as a vehicle to provide economic opportunity to African Americans. He even was the first to break the color barrier with a football team playing in North Carolina.

Today's Wizards roster features an all-star lineup of master basketball showmen, including:

·         Eric "Broadway" Jones and Dwayne "Swoop" Simpson, former Globetrotter showmen

·         "King Arthur" Lewis, an Academic All-American at Bowie State University

·         Arnold "A-Train" Bernard, a highly acclaimed trickster and 7-year Globetrotter veteran who was featured in a Nike commercial

·         James "The Roadrunner" Tyndal, a diminutive speedster who is fast enough to dribble through NY City traffic!

·         Devon "Livewire" Curry, FIBA'S former #1 ranked USA 3-on-3 player

·         Lamarvin “Showtime” Jackson, a world-class dunker

·         Jordan “Ice” Southerland, finished second on TNT Dunk King-One of top dunkers in the worls

·         Leon "Space Jam" Sewell and Brandon “The Werm” Lacue, featured on TNT's "The Dunk King" reality competition series. Werm has won four Sprite slam dunk contests.

·         Rashaan “The Rocket” Barner, one of the greatest dunkers in Wizards' history, who is now a very funny show-starter and stopper!

The Wizards field four travelling squads which collectively will play over 500 games throughout the US and abroad during the 2017-18 season.

Since Howie Davis founded the Wizards 56 years ago, the team has undergone tremendous change. Howie's son Todd and grandson Rick now run the operation, fundraising revenue has grown exponentially, and the team has expanded into new geographic markets.

Through all the changes, the team's commitment to Howie's original mission has remained constant: to deliver world-class family-friendly entertainment while raising money for great causes.