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Infinity Athletics begins season
01sports strikers
Strikers - Natalie Snipes, Maggie Felton, Addison Roller, Sadie West, Kailey Herron, Keegan Martin, Hannah Trapp, Carlee West, Braelyn Teachout, Annabella Dakas, and Danica Collier.
Infinity Athletics attended their first competition of the season on Nov. 8 in Nashville for Jamfest Nashville at Municipal Auditorium. This year’s teams range in ages from 3 to 14 years old and include athletes from DeKalb, Putnam, Smith and Cannon County. The Tiny Level 1 team, Storm, (ages 3-5) came in fourth place, while the Youth 1 Strikers (ages 11 and under) came in first place out of two teams.