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Lady Saints can't dent net vs. WCMS
DMS Lady Saint Rainey Tiner looks to split the Warren County Middle School Lady Pioneer defense Tuesday in McMinnville.
The DMS Lady Saints had a tough time on Warren County’s turf Tuesday, as the Middle School Lady Pioneers shut out DeKalb 6-0.WCMS put DeKalb in a deficit early, after Lady Pioneer Katie Toney scored at the five-minute mark heading the Lady Pioneer drive to a 4-0 lead at halftime.The Lady Saints forwards Raven Savage, Haidyn Hale and Allison Wilbur weren’t as busy in Pioneer territory as the Lady Pioneers kept DeKalb pinned down defending their own for most of the contest.DeKalb’s Kelbi Young had a full plate fending off shots on goal, as did defenders Darrah Ramsey and Jacklyn Kleparek. Rainey Tiner took care of the middle of the pitch, fighting for all the real estate the Lady Saints could muster.WCMS has outscored its opponents 24-1 this season. In this game, Katie Toney and Breezy Wanamaker had two goals each which helped the Lady Pioneers to victory.