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Mud flies at the fair
bronc w sm .jpg
DeKalb County’s Grandpa Fair of the south celebrated it’s 154th year this week in Alexandria.Featuring a wide array of events for people to enjoy, the stands were packed for most of the shows.From horses to horsepower anyone could find something to get reved-up about.Things got started on Monday with the cattle show going first at the barn and the rodeo at the T.C. McMillen Arena.The bronc riding was really exciting, with many of the participants being thrown off their horse however, a handful of riders were able to hold on for the full 8 seconds.Later on, the barrel racing was fast, yet elegant, as the riders led their horses around the barrels.On Tuesday night, the go-kart racing was at the arena.The little kids were allowed to ride on the track before anyone else, which was a lot of fun watching the young riders control their ATV’s.So, when the older riders started, the track was in great shape to put on a show. Which is exactly what the riders did.Brent Vickers and Dylan Fetcho both had two victories for the night.The four wheelers and motorcycles came out on Wednesday night.There was a big crowd on hand for the event. Mud was slinging well into the night, with a large number of participants in the contest.With the drivers being so competitive, it was only a matter of time until there was a big wreck.The big one came in the last event of the night.Jason Stover was bumped into the outside wall and then thrown off his four-wheeler a distance of twenty feet, landing at the start/finish line.The race was halted for some time and Stover was treated at the scene and released.On Thursday, night the mud drag racing stopped by, slinging mud everywhere.With the amount of money invested in the trucks and tractors, mud should be scary, but not with these racers.