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Softball at Bill Page park
Co-ed ball heats up on Bryant street
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KENDAL TAYLOR, EMILY ROBINSON - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
Senior doll competition at Bill Page Ball Park on June 3 saw A-Plus Heating & Cooling taken down by Webb House in a 6-3 brawl.A-plus played a one error game on defense.Offensively for A-plus, Morgan Page and Lauren Adcock hit two singles and scored once each.Braxton Howell hit two singles had an RBI scored once, Lauren Colwell and Jacob Williams both hit a single and an RBI.Katelyn Walz put a single in, and Dakota Waggoner reached first on error.Webb House committed one error on defense as well, while Tyler Monette and Shauna Taylor each hit two singles, batted in a run, and scored once for the Webb House offense.Josie Culwell slapped out two singles, a double, and batted two runners, Hannah Green and Martha Webb swatted singles and put in an RBI each.Robert Davidson singled and got to first on an error, Stephanie Rackley smacked two singles and scored once, and Alli Emme doubled with an RBI.El Rancho-14Day Star Carpentry-2Day Star Carpentry took a 14-2 beating from El Rancho in the next match of the evening, putting 12 defensive errors on the book.Offensively for Day Star, Courtney Bunch reached first on an El Rancho error, Ashton Waggoner and Brittany McCardell each hit a single and scored once, and Richard Bunch slipped in a single and an RBI.The El Rancho squad committed one error on defense.On the offensive end for El Rancho, Lyndsey Taylor scored once, and hit two singles and a double, Annieka Norton scored twice on three singles, Chelsea Brannon scored twice on two singles, with an RBI, Abbey Caldwell hit a single, a double, a home run, knocked two runners in, and scored twice herself.Jessica Ball got the bat around on a single and a double, scored twice, and earned an RBI, Johnna Hensley got to first on errors twice, and scored both times, Bradley Mullinax got to first on an error, walked once, and scored once.Billy Golden took first base twice on errors, Kayla cook hit two singles and batted in two runs, Caten Lance and McKensie Roller hit a single each.Los Lobos-20Pokeys bail Bonds-10Los Lobos Mini Mexican finished Pokeys off by a score of 20-10 in the last game of the night.Pokeys gave up eight errors on defense, while Morgan Pedigo hit two singles walked once, and scored three times on offense.Tiffany Fish walked once, hit a triple and batted in a run, Kimberly Bilbrey walked twice and scored once, Tyler Ludwig reached base on errors twice, Kelsey Eller swatted a single that resulted in two RBIs, Tyler Pedigo and Brittany Ferrell put singles in, and Haley Lawson hit a single and scored once.Tiffany Ludwig hit two singles and scored twice, Cheyenne Ferrell walked once, and Kelly Wilkey smacked a double and scored twice.Kenzi Gibson, hit a single, reached base on errors twice, scored twice, and batted a runner in for Los Lobos, Lexi Bates slapped two singles, two doubles, and scored three runs, Dylan roller had five RBIs, two home runs, a triple, and scored three times, and Keeli Bullard hit three singles, scored twice and batted one in.Devin Thomas put in a single, a double, a home run, scored three runs, and batted a runner across the plate, Taylor Baumgard hit a single, a double, scored twice and got an RBI, Randy Hansard hit two singles, a triple, and batted three in.Destiny Thomas hit two singles, Ashlee Whitehead hit four singles with an RBI, and scored once, and Chelsea Cantrell hit two singles, a Triple, and two RBIs.Bennett’s Logging-10Turners Auto Parts-7In Baby Doll action on June 7, Turner’s Auto Parts fell to Bennett’s logging, 10-7.Turner’s committed four errors on defense, while Molly Hall hit a triple, walked once, scored twice, Kendra Whitehead, walked, doubled, and scored twice, and Kendal Taylor put three RBIs, a triple, and a home run on the card.Braya Murphy hit a single and drove two runs in, and Kelly Roberts hit two singlesBennett’s defense committed one error.For Bennett’s offensive effort, Jaymee Butcher singled, walked once, and scored twice, Haley Carroll singled, slammed a home run, and scored twice, Joni Robinson hit a single that got her two RBIs, and Alexis Bly scored on a walk to first.Meanwhile, Jade Butcher scored once after taking a base on balls, Jada Butcher hit two singles, a home run, and two RBIs, Kessie Robinson got an RBI on a double, and Skylar Fuson scored after walking to first.Cleveland Bain Framing-10 Liberty State Bank-4In that night’s Junior Doll game, Cleveland Bain Framing took Liberty State Bank 10-4.LSB committed five defensive errors in the game, while on offense, Macy Hedge, Jen Caplinger, Emily Robinson all hit two singles and scored once.Kendal Taylor hit two singles, Kelly roberts hit three singles, and Jessica Williams, singled once and walked once, and Danyell Walker took a walk to first.CBF commited one error on defense.At the plate for CBF, Lenzi Dickens got to base on errors twice and scored twice, Erin Burchfield hit a single, a double, and scored twice, Isiah Loftis slapped a single and hammered a home run, getting two RBIs in the process.Allison Maynard hit a single and a double, scoring twice for CBF, Corey Ferrell hit a single, got an RBI, and scored once.Ariel Maxwell hit two singles and scored once, Madison Dickens swatted a single and put an RBI on the scorecard, and Bella Johnson hit a single.A-plus-19Pokeys-11A-plus defeated Pokeys 19-11 in the June 7 Senior Doll game.Morgan Pedigo, Tiffany Fish, and Haley Lawson each hit two singles and scored onceTyler Ludwig hit a single, a double, blasted a home run, and tallied three RBIs, scoring three times, Kimberley Bilbrey swatted a single, got an RBI and scored once, and Kelsey Eller, doubled, scoring once.Tyler Pedigo hit two singles, doubled, and scored once, Cheyenne Ferrell and Kellye Wikey put in two singles each, and Tiffany Ludwig contributed a single.On offense for A-plus, Kristina Stevens hit two singles and scored once, Katie Hall smacked a single, a double, and a home run, scoring twice, and Morgan Page walloped a single, a double, a triple, and crossed the plate three times.Braxton Howell Lauren Adcock pounded a double and three home runs each, and both scored four times, Katelyn Walls hit two singles and scored once, and Jacob Williams hit a single and scored after taking a base-on-balls.Lauren Colwell doubled, tripled, and scored once, Johnna Roller smacked a single and a double, scoring once, Skylar Davis hit a single, a double a triple, and crossed home plate twice.Bennett’s Logging-22K&M Jewelry-0In Baby doll action on June 9, Bennett’s Logging shut K&M Jewelry down, 22-0.Bennett’s defense gave up only one error in the game, while Jamie Butcher hit two singles, got an RBI, and scored twice at bat.Haley Carroll hit two singles, a double, a triple, batted four runners in, and scored three times, Joni robinson, hit a single, walked once, and smacked two home runs, getting two RBIs and scoring four times for Bennett’s.Alexis Bly hit a single and a double, got one RBI, and scored three times, Jade Butcher hit two singles and a double, batted in three runs, and scored three times.Jada Butcher, hit three singles for two RBIs and scored twice, Olivia Fuson hit two singles, getting three RBIs, Kessie Robinson hit two singles and scored once, Isiah Bly hit three singles and scored twice, and Skylar Fuson put two singles in, scoring twice as well.K&M committed three defensive errors, and Kaylee Whitefield hit a single.LSB-11DCB-3 In Junior Doll competition, Liberty State Bank won 11-3 over DeKalb Community Bank.DCB put seven errors on the record, while Hannah Walker, hit a single and scored twice after reaching base on errors, Caleb Garrett, scored after reaching on an error, Carrie Carroll hit a single and a triple, Aspen Flarity hit two singles, Kaitlyn Roller hit a double, and Nicole Atkins put a single in.LSB committed six defensive errors.Offensively for LSB, Joni Robinson hit a double, a single, reached first on errors twice, and scored three times, Kendal Taylor hit a single got to base on errors twice, and scored twice.Kelsey Hedge hit two doubles, a single, and put two RBIs on the book, scoring twice, Kelly Roberts walked once and hit a single, Emily Robinson hit three singles, scoring once, and Jessica Williams walked four times and scored once.Danyell Walker, walked once, and scored once, and Cheyenne Fagan and Alexis Bly both singled and scored once.Webb House-19Day Star Carpentry-9Despite an error-free defensive game by Day Star Carpentry, they were defeated by a score of 19-9 by Webb House in the final game of the night on June 9.For the DSC offensive effort, Jody Lattimore hit a single, a home run, batted a run in, and scored once, Brittany Murphy hit two singles, a double, and scored once, and Gabby Ritchie hit a single that resulted in an RBI.Ashton Waggoner and Tanisha Bandy hit singles and scored once each, Courtney Bunch hit a single with an RBI, Jacob Bandy, doubled with an RBI, Brittany Nokes reached first on an error, and was left stranded, and Brittany Bogle, doubled once, walked once, batted two runs in, and scored once.Richard Bunch singled, tripled, and scored twice, and Mica Knight pounded a triple, got an RBI, and scored onceWebb House committed one defensive error, while Tyler Monette, walked once, hit a single, two doubles, batted three runs in, and scored once.Shawna Taylor blasted three doubles, got three RBIs, and scored twice, Josie Culwell, walked once, hit a single and a double, batted three runners in, and scored twice, and Taylor Monette singled, doubled, got an RBI, and scored twice.Robert Davidson hit two singles, getting an RBI, Alli Emme, walked once, hit two doubles, and scored three times, Stephanie Rackley hit a single, two doubles, and a triple, batted two in, and scored three times, Kayla Stanley hit two singles, got an RBI, and scored twice, and Lenzi Dickens hit three singles, got three RBIs, and scored three runs.