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Tiger alumni football game tomorrow night


A DeKalb County Tiger Alumni football team will face a Cannon County Lions Alumni team Saturday night at Cannon County High School.


The teams will go all out: full gear, full contact, under the lights for charity. The roster for DeKalb includes Tigers who originally played as far back as the early 90s. DCHS Tiger Football Coach Steve Trapp, along with Michael Shaw and Clarence Trapp will coach the DeKalb team.


Coach Trapp told the Review that he was thrilled to get a chance to hit the field with his former players and teammates.


"It is very exciting to have the opportunity to not only coach a few of my former players, but to actually play a game with them is something that will be a treat for me personally," Trapp said. "Also to coach and play with a few guys I played with in high school, and guys that played in between me playing and coaching, is something that I am grateful to have the opportunity to do as well."


Toby Nokes, a 1993 graduate and the oldest member of the team, summed up the reason he and his teammates are back on the gridiron with one line.


"Just one more chance to hit a line is all we really need," he said. This is a different kind of football than when I played," said 2005 graduate Chris Cantrell. "It’s a little more technical. We’re doing a lot of passing, and were running coach Trapp’s offense, which is a learning experience, but it’s fun. I like it."


Coach Trapp said that it is important to buy tickets in advance from local sources, as funds from tickets bought locally before the game will go to the DeKalb County football program, but gate proceeds will not. Admission is $10.


"I understand our program gets the money from tickets purchased locally before the game, and not so at the gate. It is very important that people who want to attend this event buy their tickets in advance, because that is the only way our program makes any money off this event. If the ticket is bought at the gate the company in charge gets 100 percent of the ticket sale."


Tickets are available at Kilgore’s Restaurant, from any player, or can be purchased by calling 615-418-6874 or contacting Coaches Trapp or Shaw at DCHS.


Kick-off will be at 7 p.m. tomorrow, March 14, at the Cannon County High School field.