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Tigers 1934

From the August 17, 1983 Smithville Review Archives…..

DeKalb’s Fighting Tigers Football Team of 1934 – Take a close look at the uniforms which the ’34 Tigers donned. Former Judge Billy J. LaFever, holding the football, said each player supplied his own belt. He also said if your trousers became ripped it was your responsibility to have them sewn. Notice, also, Coach Houston McCormac took off his hat before the photo was taken. The photo was taken in front of the old DeKalb County High School, which was also known as Pure Fountain. The school burned down in the early 1960s and according to Judege LaFever it was constructed around 1923. The 1934 team consisted of, front row from left, A.P. Conger, Dr. Eugene Vanatta, mascot Jim Winnard, Lucas Winfree and Rex Hayes. Second row, from left, are Holly Howard, Norman Bain, Judge Billy J. LeFever, L.G. Puckett, Jr and James Trapp. Third row, from left, are Weymon Hettner, Truitt Spencer, Ed Taylor, Dr. Norman Atnip and Jack Trapp. Fourth row, from left, are Erby Robinson, Sam Love and Coach Houston McCormac. The team ended the season with an 8-2 record and they had to play both offense and defense.