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Tigers tame Gordonsville
MVPs web
Ashli Chew, Steven Jennings and Asia McCoy received the grand trophies of the night for Most Valuable players and cheerleader.
On Saturday night the Tigers took on Gordonsville at home in their last regular season game of the year. The Tigers were successful in their efforts as they defeated Gordonsville 59-49.In the first quarter, the Tigers marched out to an early 5-0 run. The Tigers would hold on to their consistent attack on offense and outscore Gordonsville 15-7.The first quarter ended in highlight fashion as Will Molander dropped in a deep three-point shot at the buzzer.The Tigers’ leading scorer in the period was Sonni Young as he dropped in six points.In the second quarter, DeKalb County received some bonus shots courtesy of Gordonsville as a player received a “technical” for shoving another player from the Tiger team.The Tigers had another solid quarter, yet they were outscored 16-15.