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Top scorers in Youth Soccer
3sports soccer
Some great passing and a few goals are the aim of these youths as they battle for the ball at a game last Thursday.
The DeKalb Youth Soccer League has released a list of scoring players for the week ending on May 25. League officials say that soccer is a team sport, and they know that each score is usually proceeded by uncounted passes, challenges, and generally a great deal of effort by all involved.Those scoring last week are Bradly Vickers, Cristabol Flores (8), Jerica Braswell, Nichole Walker (2), Drew Castorena (5), Brady Gill (4), Jonathan Carlson (2), Michael Elswick (5), Gavin Carter (2), Jeron Burton, Eric Quezada (2), Ian Mahan, Sophie Hackett, Mariah Lynch, Austin McCoy, Alexis Bates, Ceasr Cornilla, Diego Coronado (3), Clayton Kirby, Sergio Garcia, Mario Matias, Brandon Matias, Jack Famulski (3), Adan Remirez (7), Tyler Williams (12), Ashton Campbell, Carrie Biggerstaff, Martin Coronado, Aydan Bean (6), Brandon Palomo, Alexander Rico (2), Kendall Davis (2), Jaxon Humphrey, Nicholas Tallent, Milas Driver, Caleb Parham, Chase Vaughn (5), Wade Evans (10), William Blair, Jack Gassaway (2), and Bella Biggerstaff (2).League officials say that the list does include make-up games played during the week. If your player scored and is not listed here (or there is a spelling error), then the odds are the league did not get a scorecard after the game.