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$1 million-plus in scholarships presented
DCHS awards benefit 69 students
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Chelsea Crutcher has to give up her gum before accepting her scholarship from the U.S. Army. - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
Members of the DCHS Class of 2012 received more than $1 million in scholarships at the annual Senior Awards Day program Thursday.University, military, business and civic groups representatives presented 69 students with aid for college.Salutatorian Heather Vidal took home more than $108,000 in scholarship money, including an $84,820 scholarship from Union University and the $24,000 Ned McWherter scholarship.Adam James, the 2012 Valedictorian, was awarded a $40,000 scholarship to Belmont University, and received an award for perfect attendance during the 2011-12 school year. Other scholarships awarded include:*Lela Ambrose, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, $30,600;*Joseph Angaran, Anthony Duane Trapp Memorial, $1,000;*Christian Atnip, Smithville Women's Club, $350;*Jessica Ball, DTC Communications McAllen Foutch Memorial, $8,000;*Thomas Beltz, U.S. Marines Enlistment;*Dustin Brown, DeKalb County Children's Service Council, $500;*Chelsea Cantrell, Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, $500;*Megan Cantrell, DeKalb Fire Fighters, $500;*Tiffany Cantrell, DeKalb Funeral Chapel, $500;*Michael W. Caldwell, Jolly Angels, $1,000; DeKalb County Scottish Rite, $1,000;*Yesenia Cintron, U.S. Marines Music Award;*Erin Colwell, David Wayne Alexander Memorial, $1,000, DeKalb Funeral Chapel, $500, Smithville Rotary Club, $750;*Jakob Craven, Dailey & Vincent Scholarship, $1,000;*Alex Cripps, U.S. Navy Enlistment, $85,000;*Chelsea Crutcher, U.S. Army Enlistment, $71,500;*Jonathan Edwards, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, $23,200; CIC Foundation, $10,000; Jolly Angels, $1,000; DCHS Beta Club Scholarship, $500;*Matthew Elliott, U.S. Marines Enlistment;*Katy England, Class of 1966, $500;*Whitney England, Tennessee Tech University, $16,000; Love-Cantrell Funeral Home Allen D. Hooper Memorial Award, $500; Jolly Angels, $1,000; DCHS Beta Club Scholarship, $500;*Jeremie Ferdelman, U.S. Navy Enlistment, $85,000;*Sloane Garrett, Jeff Garrett Memorial, $500; AmVets Auxiliary, $250; Jolly Angels, $1,000;*Jessica Garrison, Tennessee Tech University, $10,000; Liberty State Bank, $1,000; Leadership DeKalb;*Zachary Goldstein, Universal Technical Institute Imagine America Foundation, $1,000;*Katelyn Goodwin, First Bank, $500; Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, $500;*Todd Hasty, Mentors Association Scholarship, $5,000;*Tiffini Hendrixson, Covenant College, $12,000; U.S. Marines Athlete Award;*Johnna Hensley, Dailey & Vincent Scholarship, $1,000; DeKalb Community Hospital, $500; FCCLA: $200;*Heather Hughes, Mentors Association Scholarship, $5,000;*Brooke Hutchings, Covenant College, $12,000; DeKalb Funeral Chapel, $500;*Sarah Jones, Tennessee Tech University, $3,000; DeKalb County Soil Conservation District, $500; Doyle & Melford Smith Scholarship, $1,000;*Stephanie Jones, Martin Methodist, $25,000;*Ally Judkins, Kyle & Kenny Robinson Memorial, $1,000;*Danielle Knowles, DeKalb PTO, $300; Smithville Rotary Math Award, $100;*Monse Leon, Martin Methodist, $41,600;*Tammy Li, Liberty State Bank, $1,000; DCHS Student Council, $500; Elzie & Nell McBride Memorial, $500;*Allison Little, Tennessee Tech University, $4,000;*Sarah Lomas, Dailey & Vincent Scholarship, $1,000;*Laura Martinez, Tennessee Tech University, $10,000; U.S. Marines Scholar Award;*Alex Meadows, Lucille Stewart Memorial, $2,000; U.S. Army Athlete Award;*Mason Merriman, Kyle & Kenny Robinson Memorial, $1,000; Smithville Rotary Club, $750;*Dustin Netherton, U.S. Marines Enlistment;*Tevin Owens, Agee Oil Scholarship, $1,500; DeKalb Firefighters, $500;*Jacob Odom, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, $30,600; U.S. Army Athlete Award;*Laura Pafford, Mentors Association Scholarship, $5,000; Tennessee Tech University, $4,000;*Hailey Perry, DeKalb Republican Women: $500;*Sebastian Phillips, Clay Edwards Memorial Tiger Pride Scholarship, $500; AmVets, $250; U.S. Marines Athlete Award;*Chris Powell, U.S. Navy Enlistment, $85,000;*Kidman Puckett, DeKalb Funeral Chapel, $500;*Stephanie Rackley, Smithville Rotary Club, $750; Smithville Business & Professional Women's Club, $500;*Cora Beth Rhody, Smithville Women's Club, $350;*Louis Richards, Smithville Rotary Vocational Award, $100; Nashville Auto Diesel College;*Martin Riley, U.S. Army Enlistment, $71,500;*Yazmin Rivera, Martin Methodist, $41,600;*Sydney Robinson, First Bank, $500; Leadership DeKalb;*Johnna Roller, Tennessee Tech University Cheerleading;*Elizabeth Sanders, Eddie Crips Memorial, $1,000; DeKalb Funeral Chapel, $500; Leadership DeKalb;*Russell Storey, U.S. Navy Enlistment, $85,000;*Laura Sullivan, Motlow State Community College, $4,000; DeKalb Retired Teachers, $750;*Victoria Tatrow, Tennessee Tech University, $10,000; Jolly Angels, $1,000;*Zach Thompson, MTSU, $16,000;*Briana Vidal, Cedarville University, $42,000; Comcast, $1,000;*Krystal White, MTSU, $16,000;*Ashlee Whitehead, Smithville Business & Professional Women's Club, $500;*Jacob Williams, U.S. Marines Enlistment;*Austin Wilmore, Tennessee Tech University, $4,000;*Alyssa Young, Dailey & Vincent Scholarship, $1,000; Smithville Rotary Club, $750;*Riley Young, Tennessee Tech University, $3,000.