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Adcock slams DUD process, plant plans
Mayor says commission has no say
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While one commissioner opined that the new DeKalb Utility District water treatment facility was being “...shoved down everybody’s throat...” at the county commission meeting last week, Mayor Mike Foster made it clear that the commission has no control over the DUD board of directors. Jerry Adcock, the commissioner from the 5th District, brought the issue up at last Monday night's meeting, saying that he felt the county should not only have some say in the matter of the plant, but that he felt the commissioners should make clear to the public where they stand on the matter.“I know that they (DUD) have already made up their mind, but I think the commission should either say we're for it or against it. The people should at least know where we stand.”“We have absolutely no control over them,” the mayor replied.“I don't like the idea that five people (on the DUD board) can make up their mind and apply for federal grants through us and then don't do what we want,” Adcock retorted.Foster replied, “We have absolutely no control over them other than appointing them by the statute.”Foster told the commission that while he may not be pleased with the way the process is carried out, he has worked to make the county’s presence on the DUD board stronger.“I don't particularly like the system,” Foster said.