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Airport awarded fuel farm grant
The old pump at Smithville Municipal Airport - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
The Smithville Municipal Airport has been included in the disbursement of $16.3 million in grant money, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).The agency announced last week that federal and state aeronautics grants totaling $16.3 million have been approved for 23 Tennessee airports, including a portion for Smithville.The grant for the local facility is intended for the $330,000 design and construction of a fuel farm at the airport.The project will be funded with $297,000 in federal money, $16,500 in state funds, and a $16,500 local match.The grants are made available through the Tennessee Department of Transportation's Aeronautics Division.The division administers federal and state funding to assist in the location, design, construction and maintenance of Tennessee's diverse public aviation system.Except for routine expenditures, grant applications are reviewed by the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission (TAC), which is a five-member board charged with policy planning and with regulating changes in the state Airport System Plan. The board carefully reviews all applications for grants to ensure that the proper state and local matching funds are in place and that the grants will be used for needed improvements.The TDOT Aeronautics Division has the responsibility of inspecting and licensing the state's 126 heliports and 75 public/general aviation airports. The Division also provides aircraft and related services for state government and staffing for the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission.