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Aldermen discuss DUD contract, water study
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While plans are apparently still on for the new DeKalb Utility District water treatment plant at Holmes Creek, DUD officials and city government still have decisions to make on a water contract.The City of Smithville now sells water to the DUD under a contract the two parties entered into in 2004, and it expires in 2014.The DUD is apparently proposing a new 30-year contract with the city.After a volley of letters discussing the matter passed between the city offices and officials of the DUD recently, the mayor and board of aldermen Monday night discussed how to proceed on the matter.“They have presented us a 30-year contract to review,” said Smithville Secretary/Treasurer Hunter Hendrixson. “I’d like to sit down (with the DUD) and discuss what we want and what they want, and see if we can resolve it.”Alderman Tim Stribling said he believes a long-overdue study should be done to determine the exact cost to the city in producing a gallon of water.“We don’t know with the new plant what it costs to treat a gallon of water or what to sell it for,” Stribling said.“Nobody can tell me what it costs to treat a gallon of water,” he continued. “We have updated this water plant and spent a lot of money on it.