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Alexandria kicks off election season
Ballot two aldermen short of full ticket
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The kickoff for the DeKalb County polling season, the Alexandria City Election, is set for Thursday, September 1.Three alderman seats were open, but incumbent alderman Darrell Dixon was the only person to throw his hat into the ring.No write-in candidates will be eligible, as no one completed the required form requesting to have their votes counted by the deadline, which was at noon on July 13.This is not the first election that the city of Alexandria has found itself hosting with a deficiency of candidates.There was not a sufficient number of hopeful aldermen to fill the seats in the last city election in 2009, in which 19 out of the 634 registered voters in the city showed up to cast ballots.Members of the Alexandria council are Aldermen Pat Jackson, Tony Tarpley, Addie Farley, Derrick Baker and Darrell Dixon. One position remains vacant. The Alexandria Mayor is Ria Baker.The mayor and aldermen in Alexandria will likely appoint the remainder of the council after the election is held.The Mayor and two aldermen in Smithville will be up for election next June.The Mayor’s job is currently filled by Taft Hendrixson, and the two aldermen positions in question are held by Steve White and Cecil Burger.A total of 538 voters out of 2,870 registered in Smithville cast ballots in the Smithville Municipal Election in 2011.