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Arrest made in marina thefts
Featherstone apprehended in Georgia
Featherstone w sm
An investigation by the sheriff’s department has resulted in the Sept. 12 arrest of a Murfreesboro man by authorities in Georgia.Timothy Ray Featherstone, 44, faces four counts of burglary, one count of theft under $500, two counts of theft over $500, one count of theft over $10,000, and two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, Featherstone broke into four different vehicles parked at Four Seasons Marina on July 29.Featherstone reportedly broke the back glass of one vehicle and stole jewelry, a watch, a purse with a wallet inside, $100 in cash, shoes, clothes, suitcases, phone chargers, flat iron, and an Ipod.The total value of the stolen items from that vehicle totaled $21,575.Ray said Featherstone broke the front passenger window of another vehicle, taking a leather Coach purse, Coach wallet, checkbook, black leather pouch, makeup, credit cards, gift cards, and $250 in cash.The total value of the items stolen from that vehicle was $605.A sliding glass window was broken to gain entry to the contents of a third vehicle, where 10 Nintendo DS games, a money pouch, $10 in change, a coupon book, and miscellaneous toys and books with a total value of $415 were taken.Featherstone then allegedly broke out the front passenger side window of a fourth vehicle and took a brown Fossil wallet, $140 in cash, and credit cards with a total value of $175.Ray said that on the same day, July 29, Featherstone used a stolen credit card to purchase numerous items from Walmart in Smithville on the same day as the thefts.On his first trip Featherstone allegedly used a stolen card to spend $657.He reportedly returned later that day and spent $352, again using a stolen credit card.According to the sheriff, criminal detectives investigating the case developed Featherstone as a suspect.His image was captured on the store surveillance cameras at Walmart, and the information was entered into the National Criminal Information Center computer system.Featherstone was soon located in Georgia, and has been extradited to face the charges here.Ray said that more arrests are forthcoming in the case.Featherstone’s bond totals $200,000 and he will be in court Sept. 20.Jenadiah Ray Barnes of Brush Creek, 33, was arrested on Sept. 10 and charged with six counts of forgery. Barnes allegedly passed six forged checks at Prichard's Foods in Alexandria in the amounts of $135 and $100 on June 22, 2011; $135 and $160 on June 24, 2011; and two $225 checks on June 29, 2011 by forging the name of the victim without authorization.The warrants were taken out against Barnes on Sept. 2, 2011. but he was not arrested until Sept. 10, 2012 because he had been incarcerated in another county for other offenses.The case was investigated by a criminal detective of the sheriff's department.His bond totals $18,000.