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ATM bandits hit Jewels Market
ATM tahoe w sm
The Tahoe used in the attempted theft - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
A brazen attempt to steal an ATM machine from Jewel’s Market on South Congress Boulevard in Smithville Friday morning resulted in the would-be thieves abandoning the stolen Chevy Tahoe they used to drive through the front of the store building and flee on foot into a nearby wooded area. At last report, the two suspects had not been apprehended.According to employees of the business, the suspects backed the SUV through the front entrance of the building and attempted to take the ATM machine,which was apparently not operational, and had not contained cash for some time.The thieves reportedly tied a chain to the ATM, pulling it outside of the building.Smithville police officers arrived while the attempt was still in progress and the duo abandoned both the stolen vehicle and the ATM, running into the woods behind the store.The call was recieved at the 911 center just after midnight.Nothing else appeared to be missing from the store.Glynn Merriman, owner of Glynn’s Auto Sales on West Broad Street told the Review that the Tahoe used in the attempted robbery was stolen from his lot shortly before it was driven through the front door of the market.Merriman said his office was broken into sometime during the night of the incident.The bandits removed a window air conditioner from the rear of the office and entered the business, taking three sets of car keys.According to Merriman, the thieves first attempted to take a van from the property, but the security system on the vehicle prevented them from getting it started.The offenders then took the Tahoe from the lot and proceeded to the market, where they attempted to take the ATM from the premises.The entire event was captured on the store’s video surveillance system.The two men’s faces were reportedly covered with ski masks.