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AT&T no longer to roam on DTC cell towers
Craig Gates Photo
DTC Communications has recently been notified by AT&T that as of March 6, 2014, AT&T wireless customers will no longer be able to roam on DTC cell phone towers.“AT&T has informed DTC Communications they will no longer use DTC towers for their wireless customers to roam,” said DTC Communications CEO Craig Gates. “It was a decision strictly made by AT&T. While we have no control over decisions made by AT&T, we do want to remind wireless customers of AT&T they can make the switch to DTC Wireless and continue to enjoy the same level of coverage previously offered by AT&T.” While AT&T customers will no longer be able to roam on DTC cell towers, customers of DTC Wireless will still have use of the entire combined network coverage between both companies. DTC plans on having its wireless system upgraded to 4G by mid-year, which will offer customers a dramatic increase in both speed and reliability.