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Bad brakes cause wreck
bad brakes
Duane Sherrill photo A 17-year-old McMinnville youth triggered a wreck on McMinnville Highway this past week which involved three vehicles. The teen said his brakes were bad and he was not able to stop in time to avoid causing the chain reaction wreck. No one was seriously injured.
A teen with bad brakes on his truck triggered a chain reaction crash on McMinnville Highway Thursday that left a couple of drivers shaken. The teen, identified only as a 17-year-old McMinnville resident, was heading southbound, back toward his hometown when he came upon stopped traffic on the two-lane highway. According to Highway Patrolman Rodney Whiles, the youth said he had recently had work done on his brakes and that they “weren’t very good” and that when he stomped on them they did not stop him in time.