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Beer board to decide on Jewel's Market
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Opponents of DeKalb County’s regulations concerning the sale of alcohol, which forbid the storage and sale of beer within 2,000 feet of schools, churches and other places of public gathering would like to see the rules loosened.County commissioners plan to conduct a workshop in the near future to discuss possible problems with the beer regulations, differences between city and county ordinances, and to decide whether any action should be taken.The requirement in the City of Smithville is that establishments selling beer should be 400 feet from the primary entrance of a church, school, or place of public gathering, while the county law requires that the vendor be 2,000 feet away.Jewel Redmon would like to sell beer at his new store at 600 North Congress Boulevard, known as Jewel's Market and Pizza at 600 North Congress Boulevard, as the previous owner did.The problem is that since the old tenants license expired a church has been built within the bounds.The new church, however, is much closer to another establishment, Village Market, which sells beer legally.The Village Market is in the city limits, while the church and Jewl’s Market are not. The county beer board meets on Oct, 6 at 7 p.m in the basement courtroom of the courthouse to consider Redmon's beer application, filed in the name of Viva Gail Johnson.Board members last month voted to delay action on the application because the public notice was not properly advertised, as well as to give county attorney Hilton Conger time to render a legal opinion on the application at the next meeting.Redmon told the board that he would like to see the property grandfathered in to sell beer, since the store has been at the location far longer than the church, and the former owner was licensed by the county to sell beer.Redmon said that the board should take into consideration that the store property was tied up in bank foreclosure proceedings involving the former owner and no one could have bought the store and sold beer during the time it sat empty and the license was allowed to expire.Redmon believes he should not be penalized because of that situation.Redmon also told the board that he has improved the value of the property greatly, and that even neighbors closest to the store have said that they do not object to his selling beer at the location.