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Bid accepted on city fire truck
ladder truck w sm
If everything goes according to plan, the Smithville Fire Department could have its new ladder truck within three months.The city council voted 4-0 Monday night to accept a $746,705 bid from EVS-Midsouth for a Pierce Impel 75-foot Hal Quint aerial ladder truck with a 1,750-gallon-per-minute pump/500 gallon tank.The motion to accept the bid from EVS-Midsouth came from Alderman Danny Washer, and was seconded by Shawn Jacobs.Steve White and Cecil Burger, along with Jacobs and Washer, all voted in favor of the purchase.Alderman Gayla Hendrix was absent.This was the lowest of the two bids submitted. The other bid was from Cumberland International Trucks of Nashville for a 2012 Sutphen 75-foot Pumper/Ladder with a Stainless Steel Rescue Style Body complete and delivered in the amount of $785,818.According to Fire Chief Charlie Parker, the truck mentioned in the EVS-Midsouth bid was not only priced more reasonably, but also met all the city's bid specs."The price on this is not just for the ladder truck itself,” Parker said. “This is for all the equipment that goes on the truck, the air packs, the hose, the nozzles, everything to make it fully compliant and there's also a few extra pieces of equipment in there to make sure it works with our current fleet.