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Biz. Inc - Harmony Lane Farm has got your goat
BizInc 02 21 017
Steve Warner photo Layton enjoys a snack in the goat nursery at Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery. Guests can take a tour where they can hand feed a goat or sit with the young goats in the nursery.
Admiral, there be goats here! OK, I finally got to use the line from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, albeit what Jimmy Doohan said as Scotty was “Admiral, there be whales here,” I’ve wanted to use the line somehow and finally found a place right here in Business, Inc., where there be goats here this week.Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery – 285 Harmony Lane – Smithville – 615-684-7659 What caught my eye this week, was an advertisement about one of my favorite expendables which is, if you haven’t read this before, homemade soap. Call me old-fashioned – it won’t be the worst name I’ve been called – but anything not mass produced and made by hand gets my attention.