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Black Bear Illegally Killed in DeKalb County
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TWRA agents cited a local man after he apparently killed a black bear Friday.

Sources have confirmed that Jim Beshearse shot the bear on his Old Snow Hill Road property, just outside city limits. He was issued a citation for killing big game during closed season, and was not arrested or taken into custody.

Beshearse was reportedly startled by the bear, believed to be the same one spotted in locations from Rock Island to Robinson Road in DeKalb County this week, and shot the animal.

According to a TWRA press release:

“Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) Wildlife Agency officer Tony Cross was off duty when he responded to a call concerning shots fired in an area where a transient, male black bear had been spotted earlier.  Wildlife officer Cross quickly found the bear and shooter near Old Snow Hill Road in Smithville, DeKalb County.

Wildlife officer Cross stated, “This is isn’t the kind of day I like.” Cross, a 24-year veteran with TWRA, believed the man had no intentionof killing a bear when he left his house. “I think he just shot before he thought of another solution,” shared Cross. However, state laws were violated and the man was charged with shooting big game outside of the season. Additionally, there is not an open season for black bear in DeKalb County.”