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Bounds parole up for vote
bounds 1
The possible parole of Gerald Wayne (J.B.) Bounds, 66, of McMinnville, is awaiting the votes of the remaining members of the Tennessee Board of Parole.Bounds has been incarcerated for 32 years for the fatal shooting of Sherman Wright of Smithville in 1981. He was sentenced to life in prison for the killing.The two parole board members voting at Bounds’ last week came to opposing conclusions on Bounds’ release. Board member Tim Gobble voted to deny Bounds’ parole for another year, while member Patsy Bruce voted to release him.The tie vote means that the remaining parole-board members must vote until four of them concur on a decision.Bounds has been up for parole four previous times on the first-degree murder conviction, in September 2002, August 2005, October 2010, and October 2011.