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Bridge repairs to be bid
bridge RV.JPG
The damage to Veterans Memorial Bridge was caused when a DeKalb County Landfill truck which hit the underside of the structure with the lift up. The driver, 54-year-old Roger Chapman, received minor injuries, and was cited by Smithville Police for speeding.
City officials have been notified that the Tennessee Department of Transportation will let bids for the repairs to Veterans Memorial Bridge on South College Street on Dec. 2 The scope of the work to be done includes repairing damage to beams E&F in span 3 due to collision damage; injecting epoxy into cracks in the deck, sidewalk, and beams in span 3; installing steel channels on beam E in span 3; and performing partial depth repair to the sidewalk in span 3. No existing utility lines are to be affected during the repairs. The bridge will remain closed until the repairs are made.