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Bridge work
Construction expected to last into October
Construction personnel from Mid-State Construction of Livingston work on the bridge over W. Broad Street that has been the site of several under-blunders the past year, causing it to be closed until repairs can be completed.
Crews with jack hammers from Mid-State Construction Company of Livingston worked Friday on the Veterans Memorial Bridge repair project. Drivers might have noticed the lane closures going both ways on Highway 70, down from two lanes to one, which will last until repairs are completed sometime in October.The bridge has been the victim of several height-related mishaps over the last 15 months and has been closed to traffic passing over the bridge since June 2016. Since it closed, it was struck two more times.According Smithville city officials, all the accidents were failure to heed the posted clearance, marked at 13 feet, 10 inches.