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No need to leave town for computer help
Cris Mangin, left, and Dan DeLaCruz own and operate Smithville Computer Repair. They have a full line of electronic products from entry level to high-end computer and surveillance equipment.
Smithville Computer Repair 157 Georgia Lane 615-318-1471As a self-confessed computer nerd with a degree in computer science, I really enjoyed my first stop this week at Smithville Computer Repair where its motto is “Your one stop computer shop for all your technology needs.”Having grown up programming a TRS-80 and saving files on cassette tape, I never dreamed how good I would have it, technologically speaking, in the year 2017. As a kid we had a party line, and cell phones were ONLY on Star Trek.Now, you can go to Smithville Computer Repair for state-of-the-art technology without leaving Smithville – go figure.Now that I told you how old I am, let’s hear from owners Cris Mangin and Dan DeLaCruz, who are the new proprietors of SCR.“We fix computers, we do servers, laptops and tablets. We pretty much can service all of those devices as well,” Mangin said.