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Bust nets $18,000 in pills
Cash, surveillance equipment seized
Petty w sm
A Banks Pisgah Road Man is charged with possession of three different kinds of drugs for resale after the sheriff’s department reportedly found pills valued at more than $18,000 in his home Friday night.Homer Anthony Petty, 43, was charged with possession of a Schedule II drug for resale (Morphine), possession of a Schedule II drug for resale (Dilaudid), and two counts of possession of a Schedule II drug for resale (Oxycodone). According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, the bust was part of his department's on-going investigation into the illegal sale of narcotics in the county.Ray said drug detectives and other officers went to Petty's home on March 7 to do a probation visit and search after identifying him as a suspected drug dealer.The search allegedly revealed 445 Dilaudid pills, packed in nine bags, in the pocket of a pair of jeans. Eight of the bags reportedly held 50 Dilaudid pills each, while one bag held 45 Dilaudid pills.The sheriff said Petty relinquished another pill bottle that containing eighteen 30 mg Morphine pills, five 10 mg Oxycodone pills, and 23 15mg Oxycodone pills.