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CA$HWORD contest kicks off
cash word logo


The Review kicks off the CA$HWORD crossword game in this week’s edition. To participate, readers should select from cashwords located in select advertisements throughout the paper to fill in the blanks in the CA$HWORD puzzle on page 6-B.


Words are used only once, and all words are not used. The fact that a word fits the space on the puzzle does not necessarily mean it’s the right answer. Each puzzle has more than one solution, and winning entries must match the solution published in the Review.


After the puzzle is complete, participants may cut it out and bring it to the Review office, or mail it to the address provided in the instructions. The contest will run for 16 weeks, and all entries must be received by 10 a.m. on Monday.


This week’s cash prize is $100. Prize money accumulates from a base of $100, and increases by $50 every week if no one wins. The amount returns to $50 after a winner has been proclaimed.


The weekly puzzle solution will be revealed each Wednesday when a new puzzle is published.