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Carroll charged with attempting to make meth
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A 33-year-old Smithville man was arrested by the sheriff’s department and charged with initiation of a process intended to manufacture methamphetamine on July 19.Deputies reportedly went Jamie Edward Carroll's residence on Gentry Avenue to investigate the reported high volume of traffic at the home.Sheriff Patrick Ray said that officers received consent to search the premises, and found four hypodermic needles and several items used to manufacture methamphetamine, including Aleve D Cold tablet boxes in a garbage can; a 20-ounce plastic bottle partially filled with a solid substance; a cold pack, which was allegedly found partially burned in the back yard; and another cold pack which was found lying on the carport.His bond is $50,000 and he will be in court on Aug. 23.Waylon Ray Farless, 36, was charged with driving on a revoked license and theft of property over $1,000 on July 19. Ray said that Farless was stopped on Smith Fork Road due to downed trees when an officer on the scene asked for his license.Farless could reportedly not produce any identification, and a computer check confirmed that his license had been revoked for driving on a revoked license on May 28, 2008 in Warren County.Prior offenses against him were Jan. 31, 2003 in Putnam County and May 28, 2008 in Warren County.The theft case stems from the allegation that Farless took a 14-foot tandem axle trailer, valued at over $1,000, from a Vickers Hollow Road property on June 15,His bonds total $13,500, and he will be in court on July 26.Robin Lynn Woodard, 27, of Gordonsville, was charged with a third offense of driving under the influence on July 17.The sheriff said that Woodard was stopped for running a stop sign on Highway 70 and found to have an odor of an alcoholic beverage on her person, and to be very unsteady on her feet.She allegedly performed poorly on all field sobriety tasks. She submitted to a blood test.Prior DUI offenses against her were on Nov. 20, 2008 in Smith County and Feb. 17, 2009 in Wilson County.Her bond is $5,000 and she will be in court on July 26.Larry Dale Lepley, 57, was charged with a second offense of driving under the influence, and cited for failure to yield and violation of the financial responsibility law on July 16.Ray said that after Lepley was involved in a car accident on Highway 70 he was found by deputies to have a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person and needed help to walk.Lepley reportedly submitted to, but failed, field sobriety tasks because of his level of intoxication.