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Cemetery in need of donations
Peeled Chestnut more than 150 years old
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The Peeled Chestnut Cemetery, just across the DeKalb County line in White County, is one of the oldest in the area and the final place of rest for hundreds of people.There are veterans of every war since the Civil War buried alongside their neighbors and family members.The facility is a free cemetery, the land donated by members of the community.However, with a $5,000 bill coming in every month for upkeep, and monthly donations hovering around $1,000, some supporters feel that if interest does not pick up Peeled Chestnut could find itself in a bind in the future.“We’re not sure exactly how old the cemetery is,” Peeled Chestnut board member Joe Oakley told the Review. “We know some of the graves are pre-Civil War, but the older graves aren't marked, or at least you can’t read them anymore.”Oakley said the cemetery is still in use, and people are still interred there on a regular basis.“There were about 11 people buried here last year, and we get 10-15 a year minimum,” he said. “It’s always been a free cemetery.