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City discusses DUD contract
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WAUFORD - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
With the water purchase contract between the city of Smithville and DeKalb Utility District (DUD) expiring on Dec. 31, the mayor and aldermen called for a workshop last week to discuss a new agreement.Among those who addressed the city council were J.R. Wauford, the city’s engineer for more than 50 years, Nashville attorney Dewey Branstetter, Jr., who represents DUD, and city attorney Vester Parsley, Jr. DUD Chairman Roger Turney, board members Joe Foutch and Hugh Washer and DUD manager Jon Foutch also attended the meeting.Among Wauford’s suggestions was that the city officials ask DUD to sell the city the water lines and customers connected to smithville's system at four metering points.According to Wauford, the metering points at Hobson Street, Evins Mill Road, Midway (Old Sparta Highway) and Highway 56 North would give the city water system room to expand into these areas. The engineer said those locations would be difficult for DUD to serve, and he felt such a deal would benefit both parties.Increasing the city's service area by such an agreement should allow the city to charge DUD a more reasonable rate without an increase in rates for city customers, Wauford said. Some of the named areas are already provided sewer service by the city.Wauford told the mayor and aldermen that he felt that if an agreement is not reached, the city might legally charge the DUD as much $7.50 per 1,000 gallons of water, the price it currently charges other outside customers.The city now charges DUD $2.05 per 1,000 gallons.“We could look at what the incremental rate would be,” Wauford opined to the council.