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City election to remain in June
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Proposed changes to the city charter that would allow the Smithville Municipal Election to be moved from June to August so it could be held in conjunction with the County General Election will have to be put on hold for now.Smithville Mayor Taft Hendrixson first brought the issue up at the Dec. 19 city council meeting as a way to save the city money and possibly bring more voters to the polls.The change in the city charter required to move the election date not only demands approval by the aldermen, but by the state legislature as well.Hendrixson told the board of aldermen at Thursday night's special council meeting that he has learned the deadline for filing proposed state legislation was Jan. 26."I talked to State Representative Weaver last Friday,” the mayor said. “She said it was going to be impossible to get it through. We can go ahead and do change the charter, but it won't apply to this year.